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LANAI スタッフ一同


To create a pleasant atmosphere.
To be a place that brings people together.

JR Nada Station is two stops from Kobe Sannomiya on the Osaka side. Get off the train and walk north for a minute and you'll find LANAI on the corner before the Hankyu Kobe Line elevated train tracks. If you go further north, you will reach the Oji Zoo, famous for its giant pandas "Tantan". This is the place to be. By the way, the area under the elevated railway tracks of Hankyu Railway is home to a variety of shops such as furniture stores, cafes, and general merchandise stores. This is an area that is suddenly becoming more and more exciting with the opening of new shops one after another. In a location where the Nada area began, and where you can come back to, LANAI ( There is a "Lanai".

LANAI is considered one of the world's three largest coffee producers, along with Burman and Kilimanjaro. Kona Coffee. Kona coffee from the island of Hawaii is gaining more and more attention in the specialty coffee boom. The beans are carefully grown in the great outdoors, and since they are produced in small quantities, they are very rare. It's characterized by a refreshing sweetness and good acidity, and has a sweet aroma that smells like burnt sugar. Nodding. This is one of the few cafes in the Kobe/Nada area where you can enjoy Kona Coffee, which has been loved by so many people. Whether you are a Kona coffee fan or a first time visitor, please enjoy it. You can also enjoy Kona Beer, a local beer that originated in Hawaii.

LANAI is a Hawaiian resort cafe that serves customers from lunch to dinner. )". Together with its sister store, SOWELU, the common concept is to be a place that connects people . Encounters are born here, are nurtured, leave the nest, and come back again. Being a part of this circle is the happiest part of running a store in this community. With a pleasant space, pleasant customer service, and delicious food, we can become a café that will be loved by the locals for a long time. Like.

All the staff at Life Style Cafe LANAI